Hiltingbury Tennis Courts

The use of Hiltingbury Tennis Courts is through membership only.

The benefits of membership will enable you to pre-book a tennis court for the time of your choice. You will also be provided with an access key card which enables the member to gain access to the courts.

Membership costs £10 per year with an additional £10 one off charge for the access key card.  Any lost or stolen cards can be replaced but does carry a cost of replacement.

The key card will provide access to all four courts at the time of your booking. However, please note that court 4 cannot be prebooked. This court is available for “turn up and play” tennis where you may play without booking if the court is free. Court 4 must be vacated on the hour every hour unless there is no one waiting to play. This court is operated on a courtesy basis, and we would expect all members to respect those playing and those waiting.

Please be aware that Court 4 is for casual access only and therefore no coaching may take place on this court. You may be asked to leave if found to be coaching.


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