Hocombe Mead

Hocombe Mead, which is situated between Hocombe Road and Hiltingbury Road, is an 8 hectare countryside site owned and managed by Eastleigh Borough Council. The ancient woodland and meadows at Hocombe Mead are over 400 years old and support many special plants, fungi and animals, together with 29 species of butterflies.

The Reserve is bordered on all sides by housing and there is no parking at either end of Hocombe Mead, but it is possible to park at the shops in Ashdown Road and walk to the Hiltingbury Road entrance.

There are no onsite facilities however there is a viewing platform that is accessible by wheelchairs from the Ashdown road entrance and gives a lovely view of the North Meadow. There are interpretation boards here, and also throughout the site, to let you know what you are looking at.

In 2008 a partnership was set up with the Grasslands Trust using funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund which provided a Community Grasslands Officer for the site. The aim was to improve visitor access to the site and to provide opportunities for the local community to take part in activities on the site.

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