Noticeboard and Open Spaces

People wrongly assume that by parking with two wheels off the road they are being courteous to road users but in reality this is far from the truth.

This not only encourages traffic to speed but such parked cars become obstacles to pedestrians with visual impairment and for parents with toddlers who may be forced to walk in the road!

In addition there is considerable damage caused to the verges where verge parking takes place and damage to underground services can also result. There are areas around Chandler's Ford where verge parking can result in a fixed penalty notice but vehicles users are politely requested not to park on the grass verges.

Eastleigh Countryside Service, as part of Eastleigh Borough Council, owns and manages over 800 acres of open space or countryside. There are over 30 sites across the Borough and two significant areas of open space in Chandler's Ford.

The Parish Council's owned Open Spaces have the following policy adopted for their safe use by all

Open Spaces Policy


It is the Policy of Chandler’s Ford Parish Council to protect all open space owned by the Parish Council and ensure a safe and well managed environment for all users


The Parish Council Recognises that the provision of open space and their design and layout are important for play and recreation and are important in contributing to the quality of the environment.

The Parish Council will:

• build into the Council’s Risk Assessment procedures clear processes for the management of Parish Council owned Open Spaces, including play equipment and trees

• provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees and the Council’s contractors

• provide such information, training and supervision, as they need for this purpose

• give a high level of commitment to health and safety and will comply with all statutory requirements.


The Policy applies to all users of Parish Council owned Open Spaces, employees and Councillors of Chandler’s Ford Parish Council and Council contractors.


Subject to any new legislation or changes in case law which require immediate amendment; or any changes in the needs of the Parish Council, the Open Spaces Policy will next be reviewed in March 2018.


1.1. Open Spaces

• Fryern Recreation Ground

• Hiltingbury Recreation Ground

• Pennine Way Recreation Ground

1.2. Play Areas

•Cox Row Play Area

•Fryern Recreation Ground Play Area

•Hiltingbury Recreation Ground Play Area

•Lincoln’s Valley Play Area

•Mead Road Play Area

•Pennine Way Play Area

•Suffolk Drive Play Area

•Westmorland Way Play Area

1.3. Allotment Sites

• Eagle Close Allotment Site

• Ramalley Allotment Site

1.4. Other areas of Open Space


2.1. The Parish Council seeks to protect the physical environment of the Open Spaces, the wildlife and the public by putting into place, prohibitions on activities, which may cause damage to the Open Spaces and unreasonable risk to the public using them, and which they access ‘by right’ of the Open Spaces Act 1906.

2.2. The following activities are prohibited, unless the permission of the Parish Council has been obtained in writing –

•The drinking of alcohol in open spaces

•The parking of vehicles on pavements or entrances onto the parks

•The riding of horses in Open Spaces

•The removal of any barrier, post, seat or any other item provided for use on the Open Spaces and Play Areas or for the maintenance of them

•The erection of any barrier, post, ride, swing or any other structure

•The removal of any plants, trees or soil from the Open Spaces

•The harming, taking or disturbing of any animal; and no person shall engage in hunting, shooting or the setting of traps or the laying of snares

•The turning out of or permitting any animal to graze on the Open Spaces

•The erection of a tent or the use of a vehicle, caravan or other structure for the purpose of camping

•The lighting of fires or the disposal of a match or any other thing likely to cause a fire. This shall not apply to the lighting of a fire at any event for which the Council has given permission that fires may be lit

•The use of fireworks (Explosives Act 1875 and Fireworks Regulations 2004 apply) or other pyrotechnic devices

•Engaging in the use of any projectile weapon

•The playing of golf, including the driving, chipping or pitching of a hard golf ball

•The throwing of any javelin, hammer, discus or shot except in connection with an event organised by or held with the consent of the Council

•The holding of any event, be it charitable, commercial or private, without seeking the consent of the Parish Council beforehand

•The driving or other use of any motor vehicle, motor cycle or other mechanically propelled vehicle except for ground maintenance vehicles, electric mobility scooters, electric bicycles and emergency vehicles without the permission of the Council

•That any power-driven model aircraft, or drone, be allowed to take off or otherwise be released for flight or control the flight of such an aircraft in the Open Space unless operated within the Air Traffic Control Regulations

•That except in case of emergency or with the consent of the Council take off from or land in the Open Space in an aircraft, helicopter, hang glider or hot air balloon

•That any kite shall be handled in such a manner as to cause danger or give reasonable grounds for annoyance to any other person

•The use of kite buggies or similar person carrying wheeled devices propelled by the use of kites is prohibited on the Open Space

•That without the consent of the Council use any device designed or adapted for detecting or locating any metal or mineral in the ground

•The depositing or dumping of litter or other waste materials of any description


3.1. Any damage or faults to items on the Open Spaces or any other related issues should be reported as soon as reasonably practicable to the Parish Office at Fryern Community Centre and Parish Office on 023 8026 6612


4.1. The Parish Council seeks to provide Play Areas to a high standard which offer a wide range of enjoyable and stimulating play opportunities to all children visiting the Play Areas.

4.2. All Parish Council owned Play areas are inspected as follows –

• Six times weekly (not on Sundays) – by visual inspection

• Weekly – by operational inspection

• Annually – to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Annual Inspection Standards

4.3. Gates into the Play Areas should be kept shut at all times

4.4. Dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted in any of the Play Areas/MUGA

4.5. The play equipment provided by the Parish Council is suitable for children up to the age of 14 years. Users and visitors to the Play Areas can obtain more specific information on the various facilities available, by contacting the Parish Office at Fryern Hill Pavilion

4.6. The safety of children whilst using and visiting the Play Areas is the responsibility of the child’s parent, guardian or carer

4.7. Any damage or faults with the play equipment, fencing, gates or other items in the Play Areas; or any other related issues should be reported as soon as reasonably practicable to the Parish Office at Fryern Hill Pavilion 023 8026 6612


5.1. The Allotment sites at Eagle Close and Ramalley are owned and managed by the Parish Council; to which separate conditions apply. Further details can be obtained by contacting the Parish Office at Fryern Hill Pavilion

6. OTHER AREAS OF OPEN SPACE – specific areas

Open Spaces