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An allotment is an excellent way of providing a cheap source of fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy family diet. For a family it is a chance for children to learn where food comes from and gardening is also a good way of keeping fit.

Other environmental benefits are the opportunity to spend more time outside enjoying nature and by providing wildlife habitats you can do your bit for the environment.

It brings a sense of achievement by growing tasty, organic food on your doorstep and it helps community spirit offering the opportunity to meet other people and share ideas.

Allotment Sites

Chandler's Ford Parish Council manage two allotment sites at Ramalley and Eagle Close with the assistance of Allotment Representatives at each site.

Ramalley Allotment Site

Ramalley allotment site is a 60 plot site and is situated at Ramalley Lane, Chandler's Ford. (Facilities include: Water, Toilet)

Eagle Close Allotment Site

Eagle Close allotment site is a 54 plot site and is situated to the rear of Bournemouth Road/Castle Lane, Chandler's Ford. (Facilities include: Water, Toilet, Communal Store)

Apply For An Allotment

How do I rent an allotment?

The Parish Council maintains a waiting list for allotments at the Ramalley and Eagle Close sites.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email the Parish Council with your name, address including postcode and suitable contact telephone number. If you have a preference over which allotment site you would like to apply for, please indicate this within your email. Otherwise we will assume you have no preference. This will not affect your position on the waiting list.

Please note that you have to be a resident of the Parish to apply for an allotment plot within the parish, with Council Tax being paid to Eastleigh Borough Council.

There is currently a long waiting list for allocation of an allotment plot however the Parish Council will always seek opportunities to meet demand from residents.

You can e-mail the Parish Office at - or alternatively please fill in the form below.

Please enter any further information which may be relevant.

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