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The Summer 2016 Newsletter is out now and available electronically here


Granted to You 2016


On Monday 7 November 2016 Chandler’s Ford Parish Council hosted another ‘Granted to You’ evening where £5,000 had been put aside by the council for local charities/not-for-profit groups. At this event the public decided who was to get the money, not the Parish Council.

Applicant groups were:

Chandler’s Ford Boys Brigade Band (£500 for training), Chandler’s Ford First Responders (£630 for replacement defibrillator pads), Merdon Junior School (£800 for community woodland science learning resources), Parkview Playgroup (£1,000 for educational play equipment), St Swithin Wells PTA (£310 to help support the school gardening club), Velmore Community Centre (£525 for a pilot dementia and carer friendly weekly café and activity session) and Wessex Cancer Trust (£440 for volunteer training to open their Chandler’s Ford centre an extra 2 days a week).

Opening the evening the Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Margaret Atkinson, informed the applicants and other attendees that as the budget had not been fully or over-subscribed all the applicants would get their requested funding. This was to help create a more relaxed evening. However, it was requested they still do a brief presentation to let others know what they were wanting to do and what their organisations did in the community.

After presentations that were informative and demonstrated different ways the community was supporting itself through voluntary activities, Cllr Atkinson mentioned that only £4,205 of the available budget had been requested through the applications and therefore she proposed that the residual £795 be split equally amongst the applicants to top-up their grant requests. This was seconded and on a show of hands of all present agreed.

Bringing the evening to a close Cllr Atkinson thanked everyone for attending and hoped the Parish Council would be able to undertake another community led grants evening in 2017.

Speaking afterwards Cllr Atkinson said ‘We are very fortunate in Chandler’s Ford to have so many volunteers who are willing to give their time and expertise to local good causes and the Parish Council is delighted to have been able to make these grants to help them with their work.’


Hiltingbury Repairs:

Over the weekend of 23/24 July the access to the Hiltingbury Recreation Ground, near to Ashdown Road, was repaired replacing a pitted, uneven area with a semi-hard, porous surfacing. It now looks like this:

This followed a complaint being made regarding the safety of the access for buggies etc, and as a result of the repair the resident followed up with a hand delivered letter of thanks, which was much appreciated by Parish Council officers and councillors alike. Further improvement works are due to be undertaken in the week of 3-7 October to ease the gradient of the slope and make it safer for use in the winter. 


New Play Equipment/Refurbishment 2016

  Lincoln's Valley, Pennine Way and Westmorland Way:

The Parish Council has continued  undertaking play area refurbishments this summer totalling £46,000 so far:

Lincoln's Valley

Pennine Way

(with resurfacing of the whole toddler area with porous rubber mulch and an overskim of the junior play area)

and Westmorland Way


Hiltingbury Tennis Court Key Cards Opening Hours

The new magnetic locks have been fitted to the tennis courts please close the gate(s) when leaving after play. It is important to note that the gates WILL LOCK SHUT OVERNIGHT AT 2200hrs each day!

From 1 February 2016 access has been by key card. Play is on a booking basis on 3 courts and turn up and play on court 4. Play should not last more than an hour and the court should then be given up to the people waiting - play can be extended if nobody is waiting for the court. The play hour is taken as being 'on the hour', not necessarily the time when play started. 

If people turn up and the new hour has started please give up the court to the new arrivals as soon as the actual game you are playing is completed. 

Please see the tennis courts page of the website for Terms and Conditions of Use for the tennis courts (which apply now), further details and the court booking information (needed from 31 January 2016).


Play Area Refurbishment 2015:
A couple of images of the play area refurbishment
...and how different they are looking...

Mead Road
and Hiltingbury...


A Few Images from Inside the Fryern Pavilion Extension

Details of Meeting Rooms Available for Hire

All rooms have free WiFi available for hirer's use.

Entrance Lobby

Combined Community Room (Greenways)

Greenways' Kitchen

Parish Council Meeting Room

Small Meeting Room


Over 23,000 residents live in Chandler's Ford in a parish area that comprises the residential areas of Hiltingbury, Chandler's Ford and Velmore. It includes a number of small shopping areas and a large industrial estate with many areas of open spaces, the Fryern and Hiltingbury recreation grounds being the largest, the Hilingbury Lakes and managed countryside sites at Cuckoo Bushes, Flexford, Hocombe Mead and Ramalley Copse.

The aims of the Parish Council are:

* To improve the sport and recreation facilities in the parish for all age groups

* To manage facilities and make improvements providing best value for money

* To improve the overall appearance of the parish

* To eliminate anti-social behaviour and strive to develop a harmonious community

* To protect the biodiversity of the sites that exist in the parish and make improvements

* To encourage the community to engage in the activities of the Parish Council

* To encourage and support local businesses

* To ensure there is a local traffic plan that promotes the safety and amenity of residents