Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Youth Council

Representatives of the Parish Council meet each term with children at the following Primary, Infant and Junior Schools:

St Swithun Wells School

Hiltingbury Infant and Junior Schools

Fryern Infant and Junior Schools

Scantabout Primary School

Nightingale Primary School

Chandler's Ford Infant School

A range of issues are discussed including the preparation for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, environmental issues, the provision of children's play equipment, other recreational activities, community safety and road safety.

In addition meetings take place with Thornden and Toynbee Secondary Schools where similar issues are discussed togther with other issues such as the provision of facilities for the youth of the parish, clubs and activities and other issues facing the youth of the parish.

These meetings are very informative and help members of the Parish Council plan for the future as it takes on services and assets previously provided by Eastleigh Borough Council.