Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Recreation Grounds

Chandler's Ford benefits from three recreation grounds at Hiltingbury, Fryern and Pennine Way. All open spaces are used by dog walkers, for recreational use and for other leisure use. Hiltingbury and Fryerm are well served with children's play areas and skateboard parks, and Pennine Way is served with a children's play area. Hiltingbury Recreation Ground has 56 private parking spaces and Fryern Recreation 47 private parking spaces (i.e. parking for legitimate users of the recreation grounds, not public car parks.Terms and Conditions for Use of Car Parks are here)

Hiltingbury and Fryern recreation grounds also have pavilions including changing facilities for sports use. The pavilion at Hiltingbury is currently used most evenings and on Saturday mornings but plans are being drawn up to possibly extend it with the creation of a local sports hall .

The Fryern Pavilion was extended in 2014/2015 and has 3-4 letting rooms of different sizes.

The Council have just taken on (October 2017) Adrian and Anthony as our groundsmen, who are regularly about and maintaining our sports pitches and recreation grounds. We have invested in their equipment and are going to undertake an ambitious project to improve the quality of the grounds through aerating, fertiliser and selective herbicide treatments.