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Duncan Murray, Parish Clerk
Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford. SO53 2LE

Telephone 023 8026 6612


Please note that if a meeting is scheduled and there is no published agenda on this page 3 clear days before the meeting, then the meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of business to transact.


14 June 2017

To All Members of Council

You are summoned to a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 19 June 2017 at 7.00pm at the Fryern Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford


Public participation, the first 15 minutes are set aside for members of the public who are invited to ask questions or make statements during this period.


2.Declaration of Interests

3.Community Safety – update

4.Chairman’s Report

5.To approve/accept minutes of meetings

a)to approve the minutes of meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 May 2017, and

b)to accept the minutes of the Asset Management Committee of 15 May previously agreed by that committee on 5 June 2017, and to approve the minutes of that committee’s meeting of 7 June 2017,

6.To consider and agree, following the Internal Auditor’s visit, to the Chairman signing off the (a) Annual Governance Statement having agreed answers to all the questions, and also (b) signing off the Annual Accounting Statement for the year ending 31 March 2017, both as required by the Audit and Accounting Regulations in place and having been previously signed by the Proper Officer/ Responsible Finance Officer.

7.To agree to the Chairman and the Responsible Finance Officer signing the formal accounts for the year as prepared by Humphrys’ Associates.

8.Motion: Following recent consultations it is requested that an alternative proposal is worked up concurrently with the process of applying for planning permission and technical specification work that has been committed to at the extraordinary meeting of council on 10 April for the £1.5 mill estimated scheme. This alternative proposal to include Hiltingbury Rec running/walking/scootering track and outdoor gym type facilities, and a sympathetic refurbishment of the existing Hiltingbury Pavilion to give it increased functionality, if the sports hall project is considered unaffordable, in a timely manner we are able to make progress on an  informed option to consider, with an indicative budget of £800k.The alternative proposal to be informed by first carrying out an audit of locally available facilities in the Parish area. (Cllr Duguid)

9. Member’s Questions (none submitted for the Agenda).

10.Date and place of next meeting: 7.00pm 24 July 2017 at Fryern Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford.


Duncan Murray
Parish Clerk


Draft Minutes of previous meetings are available here

Press and public are welcome.