Chandler's Ford Parish Council

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Duncan Murray, Parish Clerk
Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford. SO53 2LE

Telephone 023 8026 6612


Please note that if a meeting is scheduled and there is no published agenda on this page 3 clear days before the meeting, then the meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of business to transact.


10 January 2018

Voting Members are summoned to a meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee on Monday 15 January 2018 at 7.00 p.m. Fryern Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford


Public participation – the first 15 minutes are set aside for the public to express a view or ask a question to Members of the Parish Council.


  1. Apologies.
  2. Declarations of Interest.
  3. To agree the minutes of the Policy and Finance Committee’s meeting of 20 November 2017 as well as the confidential minute from that meeting.
  4. Matters for Resolution:

a)to discuss and agree the outcomes from the information provided on the subsidised buses (to be tabled if received in time),

b)to discuss and agree that part-time employees who wish to join the pension scheme are to be automatically entitled to employers’ contributions at the same level as full-time employees,

c)to discuss and agree the provision of financial support to the Funtasia at a level of £3,000, the balance as remains in that budgetary section.

d)to discuss and agree a date for Granted To You (suggested Monday 26 March),

e)to discuss and agree whether to make a grant as per the application from Fryern Community Association,

f)to note that Business Rates for the Fryern Pavilion have come through from September 2015 to April 2018 totalling £20,348.52 (n.b. an estimation of the costs of non-domestic/small business rates was taken into account in the respective annual budgets).


  1. To note the financial reports:

i.SAGE current account reconciliation from Barclays A/C from 30 September 2017 to 30 November 2017, receive the 3rd Quarter’s initial Budget to Expenditure report, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, and

  1. to agree the payments made from the SAGE payment summary and to authorise payments due, to sign cheques.
  1. To matters to be taken to the Committee’s next Agenda.
  2. Date and time of next meeting: 7.00pm 19 February 2018, Fryern Pavilion, Greenways.

Duncan Murray
Parish Clerk



Draft Minutes of previous meetings are available here

Press and public are welcome.