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Duncan Murray, Parish Clerk
Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford. SO53 2LE

Telephone 023 8026 6612


Please note that if a meeting is scheduled and there is no published agenda on this page 3 clear days before the meeting, then the meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of business to transact.


14 November 2018

Voting Members are summoned to a meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee on Monday 19 November 2018 at 7.00 p.m. Fryern Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford


Public participation – the first 15 minutes are set aside for the public to express a view or ask a question to Members of the Parish Council.

  1. Apologies.
  2. Declarations of Interest.
  3. To agree the minutes of the Policy and Finance Committee’s meeting of 22nd October 2018.
  4. Matters for Resolution:
  1. to note the agreement by the Asset Management Committee (AMC) to host Fryern Funtasia May Day Bank Holiday 2019 to discuss whether to agree to the transfer of £4,000 from the current account to the Events Account to support the Funday,
  2. to discuss and agree whether to support the purchase (£500 budget) of lantern materials by the local primary and junior schools following the agreement of AMC to host the Lantern Parade at the Fryern Rec on 6th December 2018,
  3. to discuss and agree the draft Bad Debt Policy as a recommendation for Full Council to adopt,
  4. to discuss and agree the draft Working Group Guidance as a recommendation for Full Council to adopt,
  5. to note the ½ year report from the Velmore Youth Café project and agree any action points from it,
  6. to discuss and agree whether to support the application from Velmore Men Shed for a grant, and
  7. to note and agree that the Clerk needs a replacement laptop his current one having given over 4-years’ service (£900 in the budget).
  1. To note the financial reports:
  1. to note the bank reconciliation Barclays Current Account 19th September to 30th September 2018 and to 18th October 2018,
  2. to note that Internal Audit have completed their first visit of the financial year and their report from that visit,
  3. to note the first draft of the 2019-2020 budget, and
  4. to agree the payments made from the SAGE payment summary and to authorise payments due, to sign cheques.
  1. To matters to be taken to the committee’s next Agenda.
  2. Date and time of next meeting: 7.00pm 19 November 2018, Fryern Pavilion, Greenways.



Duncan Murray
Parish Clerk


Draft Minutes of previous meetings are available here


Press and public are welcome.