Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Street Pastors

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Church initiative to deal with urban problems by engaging with young people to care, listen, talk and offer advice.

Teams of Street Pastors have been working in the Eastleigh area for the last 4 years with teams in Hedge End, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, West End, Botley and Chandler's Ford. Each team is run by a local co-ordinator with support from local churches and community groups in partnership with the Police, Eastleigh Borough Council and other statutory agencies. These volunteers have been going out in Chandler's Ford every friday since July 2010 and now operate with a team of 18 volunteers meeting with people around the shopping centres and in recreation grounds. The Parish Council and the Local Area Committee hold regular meetings on community safety issues and Street Pastors provide valuable feedback on issues that concern young people. This helps us to address these concerns with other projects, often delivered by volunteers within the community.

Chandler's Ford Parish Council is pleased to support and encourage the activities of the Street Pastors in Chandler's Ford and other areas. You can find further information about this initiative on the following website: ob by contacting them on 07841 865442, or by e-mail on