Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Highbridge Community Farm Project


Food prices have been steadily rising and may individuals are keen to grow their own produce but do not always have access to a garden to enable them to do this. Eastleigh Transition Network negotiated with a local farmer, Mr Henry Russell of Highbridge farm to lease a 1.7 acre field to enable ETnet to meet this need.

 How is the Project organised?

Individuals are placed in a cultivation group representing a type of vegetable. There are currently about 100 individuals involved and there are 10 groups of vegetable with approximately 10 individuals in a group. The individuals are responsible for sowing and tending the crop through to harvest.

What is involved for the individual?

A member of the co-operative pays an annual subscription of £10 and commits to a minimum of 10 hours to the work required to raising that crop. In addition the individual can assist with the administation of the co-operative and help with the distribution and selling of the food. In return the individual can buy fresh produce from the co-operative at a third of the price of shop produce. In addition the individual will benefit from healthy exercise in an outdoor environment.


If interested please contact Andrew Ross on 023 8065 2939 or e-mail