Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Allotment cost?

The current rent for an allotment is £6 per square rod. (A rod is approximately 25.29 square metres)

Please note: ( There is a one off charge where keys are provided for the site)

Is there a Waiting List?

Yes - When you apply the plot which you are interested in may not be available and an alternative plot may be offered to you. If there is no available plot you may wish your details to be retained on the waiting list. Please note that you also have to be a Chandler's Ford resident to rent an allotment plot and due to current demand there is a waiting list that operates.

How large is a plot?

Plot sizes are generally  2.5 rods. A rod is approximately 25.29 square metres. There may be a variety of plot sizes on the site to suit individual requirements.

Can I keep animals on my allotment plot?

We do not allow allotment holders to keep any livestock on the allotment plot.

What happens if I do not cultivate my plot regularly?

Under the terms of the agreement all plots must be regularly cultivated and the Parish Council will make regular inspections to ensure that standards are maintained and the site is used for the purposes intended. Non-cultivation of the of the plot could result in the tenant receiving a termination notice.